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Brain Sharpening Exercises

Brain Sharpening Exercises

Human brain functions like a muscle. The lesser it is used, the weaker it becomes. Moreover, it grows and reorganizes itself continuously. But you can’t just sit watching discovery channel the whole day. You may end up catching a few interesting facts but it won’t help you to increase the capacity of your brain. Here are some of the tricks to stretch your mind:

  • 1.Juggle

It will not only help you to get better control over your body but also to improve your reflexes. Test how good you are in juggle.

  •  2. Meditate

It will help to decrease the activity of the brain and increase the plasticity and learning capacity of the brain. It helps the person to control the workings of the brain. Start with simple online meditation techniques.

  • 3. Brain Exercises

Exercise your brain by trying out these exercises: thought experiments, competitive games, take up new activities, learn new cultures etc. Learn simple brain-train techniques online.

  •  4. Increase Vocabulary

An increased vocabulary helps to improve the thought process of an individual. Many online courses for vocabulary increase are available.


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